5150 was always picked on for his weight. He loved his desserts and baked goods. Unfortunately he began to go gain weight, which attracted the mean insults from the people around him. The insults echoed in his head as he would toss at night, keeping him up sometimes for days on end. Finally his subconscious could take no more, and he decided to get his revenge. He broke into one house after another, stealing all the fruits and recipes he could find, leaving a trail of bodies from 5,150 houses until the town was empty. He made his way back to his cottage with his spoils, and hit his kitchen in a feverish rage. Sifting through all the recipes uncovered something he couldn’t resist. 5150 found some of the Smith’s lemons, known for being the sweetest lemons in the land. He gathered the Taylor’s pie crust, and the rest of the ingredients from what he had got from the Jameson’. What he created was the most decadent, fluffy, tart yet sweet Lemon Meringue pie, the town would never taste.



Blend 30/70 pg/vg