There was a farmer, a brilliant mastermind with a thirst for power. He hated The High Court for always taking his best creams from his farm, and using them to satisfy the King. He longed for the power that came with the throne, knowing that if he sat upon it, he would never be pushed around again. He devised a genius plan, and set to work. The farmer put every ounce of energy into raising the best cows in the kingdom. Although it was a smaller yield than previous years, he had it ready for when the King’s men came. The cream was taken to the kitchens and blended with perfect Raspberries. When presented to The High Court for dessert, there wasn’t enough to go around. Chaos erupted over who would get to have some, and who wouldn’t. They all fought to the death, drunken with madness, while the farmer took the throne, and looked down on the Bedlam he had caused…

A rich & creamy raspberry dessert.



Blend 30/70 pg/vg