DECIMATE – Decimate was a simple man. Him and his wife owned a farm and grew the tastiest strawberries in the world. Their harvest was the reddest, juiciest strawberries to be found anywhere. They worked every day harvesting these beauties.

Decimates wife was known to take these wonders and create a dessert known as the Strawberry Blonde.

Made from the strawberries from their own crop, and crèmes from their livestock, people came from all corners of the globe to taste this decadent creation.

But their notoriety would not last.

Decimates wife had fallen ill and passed away, leaving Decimate to slowly be consumed by memories of his wife. So consumed did he become that he, himself wanted to become as red and luscious as the strawberries that he and his wife would grow.

After many years of slowly growing mad, Decimate started to remove his own skin, convinced that he could become one with his succulent crop.

We at ASYLUM  have taken Decimate under our wings and convinced him to recreate his wife’s beautiful recipe to share with all of you!


Blend 30/70 pg/vg