There were rumors around town about a boy who had stumbled across a man praying and worshiping  his plants. The church people went to Heathen’s house to see what this mad man was doing, arriving to see him dancing in his garden, just as the boy had said. Upon questioning, Heathen said he loved his plants, and they showed their love back in bountiful harvests of exotic fruits, but they required complete devotion. The Priest saw this as blasphemy, an insult to their church, and banished him from their city forever.

Heathen spent the coming years working on his revenge, tending his sacred garden. The ripest and juiciest pears would be the perfect base for his creation, and he candied it in the best sugars his beloved garden could produce. The pure essence of his impeccably tart kiwi would be the perfect seduction, softening it out with a secret he’ll take to the grave. He thanked his plants for their help, taking his creation back to the church. One brave soul was all it took to try it, before the town erupted with excitement. He chuckled as the dish was devoured, for they were eating the very plants their heavens had forbid.

This is a Sweet & Fruity vape. Candied Pear & Kiwi with other soft notes.

Blend 30/70 pg/vg