INSANE – Never finding acceptance in society, Insane was determined at a young age to create a “Following” of his own. His twisted views on life and the forces that run it made this all happen when he became an adult.

At the age of 27 his teachings and philosophies were very radical and delusional to say the least. These teachings gave him a following of loyal individuals that would do anything he so wished.

After causing years of mayhem and madness to innocent people, Insane decided it was time for him and his disciples to leave this world. Insane knew that his people had an extreme sweet tooth, so he came up with the most delicious Vanilla Cupcake recipe. The cupcakes were topped with a very “special” Vanilla Ice cream. After making these delicious and exquisite delights, they were passed amongst his followers.

In the coming weeks, missing person alerts were circulated throughout the news.

After doing our own investigations, we were unable to help locate any of the members of the Insane organization. But we did find his recipe for his tempting cupcakes, minus a few ingredients.



Sold only in 15ml and 30ml glass bottles

Blend 30/70 pg/vg