Knuckle Head

This is the brother to preachers daughter, I decided to let one of my favorite customers write the description for this liquid because he was one of the 1st to try it. This is what he had to say.

This juice is a very smooth velvety creamy juice. With a smooth
tropical paradise taste with a hint of grape/carnival cotton candy
taste. Very very mild and so smooth, so it is a definitely an all day
vape. Very pleasingly on the tongue and no after taste. you hit a home
run on this one love it.”

I guess everyone has different taste and taste different things in every flavor. He wasn’t even close be hey it taste good. Lets leave it a mystery. Feel free to email your description of the flavors you taste. When someone comes up with a better one that is closer I will put it on the site. Thanks Tom Cassera for your input.