Maniacal was only talked about around campfires and in horror stories. They say Maniacal would always have people over for dinner, usually just one or two. They would come for his beautiful fruits he grew, and the unique tastes they had never tried before. After a while a few people noticed that some people went missing after visiting Maniacal, and soon stories began to spread that he was using the bodies as fertilizer. When the towns people showed up with pitchforks and torches, Maniacal or his fruits were nowhere to be found, he had vanished.
He perfected his craft in his hidden sanctuary, and created fruits so sweet they made the gods weep. He gathered  his ripest and juiciest melons and the most succulent berries he could find, mixing other secret exotic fruits he knew would do the trick. A massive dish was his creation, which he carried into town under the guise of night. He left it in the town center and walked away, knowing the people couldn’t resist such a treat. Little did they know, one taste, and they were hooked forever.

Its a flavor of it’s own made of eight fruits, berries & melons.


Blend 30/70 pg/vg