PSYCHO – Having lived his entire life by his Grandmothers side, Psycho was a bit of a shut in. Never adventuring into the outside world, they lived together in a very large old house.

Psycho was convinced that this house was haunted by spirits. So afraid was he that he had trouble sleeping at night. He spent days sometimes weeks sleeping no more than a couple hours at a time. One night Psycho heard voices coming from his Grandmothers bedroom down the hall. Curious and afraid, he decided to see what they were.

Peeking through the keyhole, Psycho was shocked of what he saw!

There was his Grandmother sitting in her old rocking chair eating her homemade  Vanilla Ice Cream smothered in her Wild Blueberry sauce topped with Marshmallows, talking to a dark ghostly being that hovered in the corner.

When we stumbled upon Psycho some years later, he was shaking violently and the only words to come from his lips were the description of his Grandmothers dessert. We thought what an idea to have a flavor that could be shared with the other side!


Sold only in 15ml and 30ml glass bottles

Blend 30/70 pg/vg