STRAIGHT JACKET – Once a noble member of his community, and held in high regards by his peers. Straight Jacket was the leading authority in the Psychiatric profession. His obsession with mental disorders was always evolving.

Wanting to see what it was like to live as an inmate in an asylum. He had himself voluntarily committed.

He actually found the first couple of days locked in a cage, exciting. But days turned to weeks, weeks into months, and months into years, all the while eating nothing but the Orange Cream dessert that was given to him by the staff. The orange and crème flavors left their mark on Straight Jackets pallet. They were so strong that he couldn’t focus on his research any longer.

He had a new obsession…

Over time, Straight Jacket was forgotten in the system. His friends had abandoned him and the staff forgotten that he was even in there institution. Not being served his Orange Cream dessert was more than he could handle. Something snapped.

When we found the records of the dear Straight Jacket, we found it only fitting to give him what he so craved!



Blend 30/70 pg/vg