THE REAPER – Never being bound by the limits of flesh. The Reaper has evolved itself into a collector of souls. The Reaper has lived alongside of humanity since time began, always searching for new ways to add to its collection.

Upon searching it discovered a common trait amongst humans, their insatiable desire for enticing and distinctive flavors.

The Reaper traveled across time and space to appease this yearning, stopping at nothing to create the ultimate treat that would tempt all souls to come to it.

First, discovering the perfect Blueberry and Apricot blend seemed essential to the creation. The flavors would have to be so bold that it was capable of capturing the very essence of fulfillment. Second, was to deliver a crème fueled delivery of all flavors once combined. Once all were precisely mixed, no soul could escape its temptation.

After signing a forever and eternity contract with The Reaper, we were given special rights to this recipe. In exchange, we agreed to hand deliver each soul that we stumbled upon.


Blend 30/70 pg/vg