UNCLE CREEPY – A loyal servant to a high Priestess, he was held in high regard amongst royalty. Known for his commitment to the family and to the delicate “touch” he had in their food preparation.

After food service one evening he served an extra special dessert to the priestess. A dessert of immense greatness. He had spent much time in its preparation. Uncle Creepy had searched the lands for the finest in sugars and crèmes. Concocting a mixture that would surely entice her highness.

What he delivered that night was a magical blend of Crèmes, Butterscotch, and the finest Caramels the world had to offer.

Unfortunately, his dessert was so delicious, that the Priestess would never allow another person to taste such greatness. So she had Uncle Creepy chained and locked away in her dungeon. He was never to cook for anyone else again.

Well…we have resurrected Uncle Creepy, and now he works for us!


Blend 30/70 pg/vg