We’ve all heard the urban legend of Uncle Creepy. Little was ever said of his vengeful twin brother, Upside Down. He was a twisted individual with homicidal tendencies, his moral compass completely backwards. Uncle Creepy was always the voice of reason, using his famous meals or desserts to snap his brother out of maniacal rages.

One day Uncle Creepy didn’t return home from the royal Palace. Upside Down searched the lands high and low for his beloved brother to no avail, assuming the worst. His madness grew and he disappeared one night into the forest, searching, but never even heard a whisper about what happened to his brother.

One night he overheard some hunters in the woods talking about a one of a kind dessert made of the finest creams, butterscotch and caramels that was a staple of the parties held by the Royal Priestess. That’s when Upside Down realized what happened to his brother so many years ago; the priestess had killed him for his recipes. He went and dug through his old abandoned home and found his brother’s candy recipe.  He mixed everything together, including an extra bit of arsenic. In his haste for revenge and blood, he got the quantity of Caramel and Butterscotch backwards, as his mind was always Upside Down. He snuck the desserts into the Royal dining hall while hiding through dinner so he could hear his brothers killers crumble to the floor. Unfortunately his haste would be his downfall. Upon inspection, the Priestess noticed something wrong with her prized dessert, something was off, and she had the castle put on high alert until they found Upside Down hiding. She quickly figured out what had happened, and had Upside Down thrown into the dungeon to rot… where he found Uncle Creepy and was united with his brother at last…


Blend 30/70 pg/vg